Pregnancy Update Week 18 and the Mars Bar Ice Cream Incident

Hi D Ho! This weeks sees me at week 18 and for this weeks pregnancy update baby is now the size of pepper – five and a half inches long! Bump however seems a lot bigger than a pepper 🙂 – what you do you think?

Week 18 Bumps 1 and 2
Spot the difference: bump 1 in 2013 and bump 2 now at week 18
This week I got some more measurements done at bootcamp with Ronan Bilbow Fitness and I’m super excited to say that in the last four months since Ive been pregnant I have managed to lose 5 cm from each of my arms and 8 cm from each of my legs. Great to see that my first five million squats are starting to pay off, after all they are the go to exercise when tummy exercises need to be cut out.  So heres to the next five million squats – by the end of this pregnancy I better have some serious buns of steel!

As this pregnancy continues smells are still a pretty big issue, and in particular I’ve been struggling with the smell of picnic bars – something my loving husband knows all about! Anyway this week while traveling together in the car my so called loving husband had the cheek to eat a Mars ice-cream bar – the smell of chocolate covered nuts was soooo bad that we are lucky we both made it out of the car alive (I’m fully aware that there are no nuts in a Mars ice cream – I never said my problems with smells were logical or reasonable 😉 ) Poor man is still trying to recover from the death stares (note from husband- it was the vicious verbal assault for the betrayal that was scary)!

This week we went for a another ultrasound and I’m happy to report that baby now looks a lot more like a baby than my previous ultrasound. Its amazing how much can change in a few weeks.

Starting to look like a baby!
Week 18 Ultrasound
For this pregnancy I’m following the Gentle Birth program – a type of hypo-birthing (wouldn’t it be great if you could just be hypnotised to deliver a baby in 20 minutes flat while eating cake!). Ive started listing to the VBAC birth preparation tracks most evenings – none of which seem to mention cake but they are very relaxing to fall asleep too!

On a lighter note this week we brought Ethan toy shopping to see what he might like Santa to bring him. Its so much fun to see how big he’s getting and the new toys that he is interested in. We thought we were being super organised getting this shopping sorted this early but we sure weren’t the only people with this idea – Smyths was mobbed! After about 2 hours we left with our arms full of bags and one very tired toddler.

Little man ready for bed!
Little man ready for bed!
Anyway thanks for reading this weeks little pregnancy update, chat to you next week!


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