Pregnancy Update Week 20 – Half Way to Guess Date

Hi D Ho! Week 20 pregnancy update is here already, baby is now the size of a banana and we have reached a really big milestone – 20 weeks marks the half way point for the pregnancy or half way to guess date! I say guess date instead of due date as growing a baby in your tummy is not an exact science of exactly 40 weeks, instead its a bit more like baking a cake (or bun – pardon the pun) in an oven – you need to keep an eye on your cake and be prepared to give it an extra few minutes in the oven if needed. Full term pregnancy is really anywhere between 38 and 42 weeks – babies rarely arrive bang on 40 weeks.

So if you listen to my consultant baby is a week further on than they really are and my GP reckons I could be 1 – 2 weeks further on based on how high up my bump is, never mind the fact that this is my second pregnancy and dear husband is 6 Foot 2. Looks like I’ll have a fight on my hands to get my 42 weeks oven time if needs be 🙂 Going into labour yourself is really maximises the chances for achieving a successful VBAC , post section induction options are limited and have much poorer VBAC outcome rates 😦

Week 20a
20 Week Bumps
So comparing bump photos this week it looks like I had a bigger bump with baby number 1 than I do now but oddly enough I find that my bump seems to small enough in the morning (when bump 2 photo above was taken) and then huge in the evening. What do you think – bump photos below are both from this pregnancy this week but the first is a morning photo and the second an evening – I think I look way bigger in the second photo.

Week 20 morning
Morning/Evening Bumps
Excuse the big red head on me- Im just home from the gym in the second photo. Speaking of the gym – where are you 5.30pm bootcamp people? All day Monday I was looking forward to a good session at bootcamp to make up for a few over indulgences at the Galway Christmas market this weekend but I wasn’t planning a personal bootcamp class all on my owney own! Sometimes the thought of small bootcamp classes scare me as theres no where to hide but other times I’m all up for it! Its always the classes where you work hardest is that you feel the best for afterwards so going with this theory I should have had super hero arms Tuesday because they sure felt like they are going to drop off Monday evening!

Little Men!
Apart from me my two boys are both sick at the moment – not that you would know from the fun selfies they are taking during the day while Im at work! Poor little man picked up a little dose of impetigo and as a result he’s on his first ever proper course of antibiotics and he’s not too happy about it 😦 So four times a day he gets a little bit of the worst tasting pink syrup you could ever imagine – thank God he’s as strong as an ox and never really gets sick (Go Boobie Milk 🙂 ). Little big man is also on antibiotics and complaining about it nearly as much as little man.

Anyway thats my little pregnancy update for week 20, hope you enjoyed it and chat you next week!




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