Pregnancy Update Week 21 – Christmas Comes Early

Hi D Ho! Week 21 already and for this weeks pregnancy update baby is now the size of a carrot and apparently weighs about three-quarters of a pound – I don’t think I’ve ever come across a carrot that weighed three-quarters of a pound but who’s to judge.

Pregnancy wise all is going well, baby kicks are getting stronger and more frequent every day and bump is getting bigger. Im starting to watch my sitting and sleeping positions more now to encourage baby into the best position for birth, so no more slouching on the couch or sleeping on my right side (or at least I’m trying not too 🙂 ). I’ve rooted out my dreamgenii pregnancy support pillow – it was great last time round for supporting bump and getting comfy at night. Its also supposed to help get baby into the best position for birth too so fingers crossed!

Bump Week 21
Heres this weeks bump photo – its an evening time bump so good and big! Weight wise things are still going well – at 21 weeks I’m just 4 pounds up from my starting weight and well on track for my 15 – 20 pound target. I’ve bought some maternity clothes recently and was happy to find out that since I’ve become pregnant I’ve dropped a clothes size – all those bootcamp classes are paying off and keeping me fit and healthy for the big day!

Unfortunately it turns out mocking is catching and in return for making fun of my poor sick husband last week I got the flu 😦 The flu when your pregnant is really no fun – you can’t take any medication for it, and what little you can take is nearly always ruled out because your breastfeeding. All you can take is plain paracetimal – no uniflu, no sudafed, not even a strepsil or a lemsip.

Its horrible being home sick with little man at home too – you want to stay as far away as possible so that they don’t catch it too but you don’t want him to feel like your avoiding him either. So I suffered through unmedicated for a good 5 days before I started to feel the light at the end of the tunnel. On the plus side both my boys seem to be doing much better this week and are well on the mend!

Grandad and Little Man – Check out his Christmas Jumper!
On a lighter note this week marked the start of Christmas with the Late Late Toy Show on Friday night (I can’t wait for little man to be old enough to stay up and watch it!). And the next day Grandad and Nana Marie paid us an early christmas visit with Ethan getting to open his first Christmas presents. He quickly figured out that wrapping paper is meant to be torn open and claimed all the presents as his to open. Luckily he is a very tidy little boy (doesn’t get that from his Dad) so bit by bit the wrapping paper was torn off each gift and carefully put back in his big santa sack 🙂

Anyway thats my little pregnancy update for this week, hope you enjoyed it!


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