Pregnancy Update Week 22 – Galway Christmas Market

Hi d Ho, into pregnancy update week 22 and baby is now the size of a spaghetti squash – don’t think we have those in Ireland but apparently they are about  11 inches long and almost 1 pound in weight. Baby is also now starting to look less like an alien more like a miniature newborn.

Bump 2 Week 22
Bump 2 Week 22

Baby’s doing well and bump continues to get bigger, kicks are getting super strong now – I got one the other day that was so strong I jumped and gave DH a good wallop.

Recently we headed into Galway to get some Christmas shopping done and to check out the Galway Christmas market. Normally Im a last minute Christmas girl but this year Im trying to be super organised and its scary just how many people out there are doing the same. I though we were crazy early doing our toy shopping a couple of weeks ago but the shops were mobbed and this weekend proved to be the exact same.

Here’s a few photos from our little trip, little mans super cute with his daddy in his baby carrier and the baby carrier makes it really easy to get around all the market stalls.
Anyway that’s my little pregnancy update for this week, chat u later!


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