Pregnancy Update Week 25 – Christmas

Hi d ho and happy Christmas! Week 25 already and for this weeks pregnancy update baby is now the size of a turnip. According to baby is starting to grow hair and right on track  Mammy is starting to get heartburn – there is going to be another long three months ahead!

Bump wise I’m still expanding and Christmas won’t be helping the weight gain. However; I think you can start to see a difference in the bump 1 and bump 2 photos below – Im nearly a stone (14 Lbs) heavier in the bump 1 photo at 25 weeks than I am on this pregnancy with bump 2 and you can really see that in my face.

Week 25a
Week 25 Update – Bumps 1 and 2
We had a great Christmas and Little Man certainly got into the swing of opening presents. He’s such a little tidy person that he had to put away every piece of wrapping paper as he took it off before really looking to see what the gift was.

Santa told us he was really excited to bring Little Man a balance bike and train set (Daddy was really excited about the train set too) however the big gift hits really have turned out to be a remote control Thomas the Tank Engine train and a recycling truck which came complete with a wheely bin that makes noises when you load it up and empty it! Just goes to show you never know what a 22 month old will get excited about.

I received some great gifts too, my great Mum gave me a NutriBullet blender which I had been dying to try (although I don’t think she’s too fond on the idea of green juice herself). Ive heard a lot of great reviews of these and I’m planning to replace my morning coffee with a Nutriblast on the way to work –  hopefully it will come in handy when the time comes to start losing the baby weight too! This mornings Nutriblast was Spinach, Banana, Orange, Grapes and Flax Seed, it tastes surprisingly good – even little man has been getting into the green juice!

My Wonderfull husband gave me this beautiful Tree of Life Necklace, I though this was such a thoughtful gift for a pregnant, breastfeeding Mammy – I couldn’t have picked better myself. Its always going to serve as a fantastic reminder of this special time in my life nurturing my little babies.


Anyway thats my week 25 pregnancy update and Christmas update, hope you all had a great Christmas. Id love to hear how your little ones got on with Santa too!


Chart you next week!


11 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update Week 25 – Christmas

  1. Claire

    Aw Emma your bump photos are beautiful!! Merry Christmas!! 37+4 here – size of a cow lol Santa was very good in our house erin got lovely toy kitchen and I got a new ring!! Very happy mummy!! Xx

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  2. Have you seen the photos of the little boy with the recycling truck? It was his favourite toy so his mum took him out to meet the men that drive the actual van and he got so excited her burst out crying!

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  3. Such a nice post, I love to see how others celebrate Christmas 🙂 The tree of life necklace is gorgeous, what a thoughtful present indeed. I’ve been hearing great things about the Nutribullet, that was also a pretty cool present!


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