Pregnancy Update Week 26 -Mammy Phases

Hi d Ho and welcome to the first pregnancy update of 2016 – week 26! Baby now weighs about 1 and 2/3rds of a pound and measures about 14 inches long – about the length of a bunch of spring onions.

Pregnancy Update Week 26
Pregnancy Update Week 26

Christmas hasn’t been too bad weight gain wise – I put on 2Lbs which is probably good going, but that on top of the few extra pounds from our trip to New York mean I need to get back on track pretty quickly.

This week I got another dose of a cold which kept me at home feeling miserable and away from the gym but unfortunately luckily I got over it just in time to get back to work. During my first pregnancy I got the flu shot for the first time and found it great – everyone around me got bad colds that year and I completely escaped. So the following year I convinced all my family to get the flu shot along with me and all of us still got bad colds. Undeterred I wrote it off as a bad year for the flu shot and went ahead with it again this year (although this time not everyone in my family was as convinced). Now this is my second cold so far this season and I’m looking like the bigger eejit for recommending everyone gets the flipping flu shot 😦 .

I’ve been making way with some plans for post baby fitness this week by splashing out on some nice kettlebells in the January sales and some gym floor matting for our little home gym. Dear Husband spent a few days painting the place nice and bright. Somehow though, in the midst of my combined pregnancy and cold, I still ended up being the one on my hands and knees in the gym putting down the new matting – something my husband muttered about needing an engineer (my day job) to make sure the job was done right! Anyway now that the cold is behind me and I’m back to work I headed straight back to bootcamp Monday evening. Heres hoping we can get the weight gain back on track at around 1/2 a pound a week!

This week I’ve been loving my NutriBullet green juices so much so that I’ve replaced my morning coffee with hot lemon water and a green juice. Spinach, banana, blueberry and pear is my favourite combination so far but I’ve picked up some more things to try out this week including kale, celery, cucumber, almonds, walnuts, sunflower, chia and pumpkin seeds. I’ll let you know how they go next week!

Little man is really going though a Mammy phase, he could not be separated from me all Christmas break when I was around (I can’t pretend not to secretly love this). When we were walking down the street he would only hold Mammies hand not Daddys, when he wanted porridge he would only let Mammy make it and only let Mammy feed it to him (cheeky little thing is well able to feed himself but I think he enjoyed all the extra attention). I recon this is due to the pregnancy, you often hear of small children becoming clingy to Mammy (or going the complete opposite) around this time. We have told him about his little brother or sister in my tummy but I think he’s still too small to really comprehend what that actually means but all the same senses something is changing.

Pregnancy Update Week 26 Mammy & Toddler Smiley Faces
Pregnancy Update Week 26 Mammy & Toddler Smiley Faces

Little Man has also developed a lovely photo face – point a camera at him and he scrunches up his face like the photo above nearly every time!

I must say I’m sorry Christmas break has gone so quickly (you can read my Christmas update here), it was a great opportunity to spend loads of quality time with my little man, you just have to love going for midday naps with baby cuddles! I’m really going to miss those now that I’m back at work but on the other hand it makes me excited for maternity leave. Now that Christmas is over it feels like I’m getting to the business end of this pregnancy and I can now legitimately start planning for maternity leave 🙂

Anyway thats my little pregnancy update for week 26, hope you enjoyed it! I’d love to hear how your Christmas break was and how your finding it being back at work. Chat you next week!




16 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update Week 26 -Mammy Phases

  1. Angela Milnes

    The Nutribullet looks fab and sounds like a great idea. I could really do with making some fruit smoothies at the minute. Angela x


  2. Love the camera face my little man does the same thing! They when you say don’t smile he grimaces! lol. You look fab in both photos. I am 24 weeks this weekend and I am bigger than the first time but have lost 2 kilos since conception… so I obviously needed to loose some weight prior to falling pregnant! I put on 2 stone first time round, so although I am expecting the weight to start to come on soon I hope it will be a healthy amount and not loads! Good luck with the rest of the pregnancy x


    1. Oh congrats on your pregnancy too! Hope you’ve been feeling well! I think on the second pregnancy your way more aware of your weight gain and how hard it to lose after, fingers crossed for a healthy weight gain here too! Best of luck with your pregnancy too!


  3. You look great!!! And I love the sound of your home gym, I wish I had space for a couple of exercise equipment pieces. Well done on picking a couple of bits up in the sale.
    I am loving smoothies at the moment 😀
    Our Christmas was stressful, I’m quite glad it’s over, the kids however, keep telling me they miss Christmas lol!

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