Pregnancy Update Week 27 – January Blues

Hi D Ho, heres my pregnancy update for week 27!  Baby is now 2 Lbs in weight and about the size of a head of cauliflower.

Pregnancy Update Week 27b
Pregnancy Update Week 27

Baby is kicking so strongly and CONSTANTLY. Its really distracting when your working away in a quite office trying to concentrate on some terribly interesting report and baby keeps going “knock knock, I’m still here, knock knock” and then starts playing the drums with your tummy. Even poor Dear Husband (DH) was getting bet up by bump in bed the other night, the kicks were so strong he could feel them in his side as I was trying to sleep.

Im not sure if its January blues or just the fact that I’m coming into my third trimester but this week I feel really PREGNANT! I’m stiff, sore and tired. I feel like I’ve become the size of a house over the last few weeks and I’m getting winded walking up a flight of stairs. I could really do with another weeks holidays just to sleep. I also put on a whole 2  Lbs this week, I only put on 1 Lb a week over the Christmas period and now a whole 2 Lbs appears out of nowhere in one week – needless to say I’m not a happy bunny!

I’ve been back in bootcamp classes this week but they too seemed a little harder than normal and I’ve even had to cut out lunges now as my bump is getting too big (not that lunges are were my best friend to begin with but I’m trying to hold on to as many exercises as I can for as long as they are safe to do)! Now I did miss a lot of bootcamp classes in December due to our trip to New York and Christmas so I’m hoping thats the reason I’m feeling so out of shape – the next few weeks should tell all!

Pregnancy Update Week 27 - Wise Old Owl
Pregnancy Update Week 27 – The Wise Old Owl Who Knows Too Much

On a lighter note I attended my first antenatal class this week. I did these classes last time too but I though a refresher could be a good idea. So off myself and my good old friend from school, M (whos also pregnant) tottered off to the class like a pair of teenagers again. We are quite a funny pair, this is M’s second pregnancy too but she has happily managed to get this far without learning too many pregnancy gory details while I on the other hand probably know far too much.  We spent most of the class giving each other those “I told you so” and “what the hell” looks, but it was good fun. Its nice to have someone to share this with (other than DH)  who you can talk about pregnancy related stuff non stop with without boring the pants off each outer.

Pregnancy Update Week 27 - Little Man
Pregnancy Update Week 27 – Little Man

Little man has gotten very cute this week, every morning when he wakes around 6am he comes into bed with me for a little feed before we start the day. I love this time for us to bond and cuddle before the madness of the day begins. Normally when its time to get up he gives Dear Husband a kiss and then me a kiss and then jumps out of bed, now he has started lifting up my top and kissing bump as well – very cute!

Anyway thats my little pregnancy update for week 27, chat to you all later xxx


12 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update Week 27 – January Blues

  1. randommusings29

    Your son kissing your bump is so cute! The winter blues probably aren’t helping with the way you are feeling, just keep telling yourself it won’t be long until you have your beautiful little baby 🙂 Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy


    1. Thanks Debbie, I think going back to work after Christmas effects us all a little bit! At least now that Christmas is over it makes time to properly start planning for this baby!


    1. Thanks Kaz, you’ve got to love the curly hair, have you given Pickle a haircut or trim yet? I think we might need to soon with out little man but scared we will end up cutting off all his lovely curls 😦


  2. Elaine

    Well done on keeping up the exercising. On my last pregnancy (with my twins) I kept going with the exercising up to 28 weeks. The bump does make a lot of manoeuvres far more difficult.

    I was recently nominated for a Liebster Award and I’m sharing the love and nominating you now. Here’s the link:

    All the best for the coming weeks and beyond. Looking forward to reading more.



  3. I am sure its down to the January blues honey and you will feel better soon, I am about 2 weeks behind you and waiting for the that dreaded third trimester. Lovely to go to your antenatal classes with a friend, I will be braving mine alone in a few weeks time! eek xx


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