Pregnancy Fitness – What I do at Bootcamp

Hi D Ho! As you may know I’ve been going to bootcamp classes at Ronan Bilbow Fitness in Galway all though out my pregnancy so far (I’m currency 29 weeks with my second baby).

RBF Bootcamp

The classes that I go to are normal mainstream bootcamp classes not specifically designed for pregnancy but Ronan and his team have been great in modifying the classes here and there as I go along to make sure they are still safe for me to participate in. The main changes I have had to make as the pregnancy progressed was cutting out all core exercises and most floor work – its not a good idea to lie flat on your back after week 16 ish and bump is really getting in the way of any exercises on my hands and knees. This still leaves me with loads of free weights and kettle bells, TRX exercises, step up, ropes, cycling, sled pushes and squatting – oh I must have done 5 million squats by now!

I had been doing these classes for some time before I became pregnant and from what I’ve learned as a general rule its ok to continue what ever level of exercise you had been doing before you were pregnant as long as you listen to your body and take it easier when you need to. Pregnancy is not the time to start a new routine or try to get fit if you had hadn’t been active before, nor is it the time to up your weights or try for a personal best. Everyone is different though and this is my experience only (I’m not a trained professional in any of this) so if your pregnant and thinking about any type of exercise program for your self please talk to your doctor first.

Anyway I though I would show you a sample of what I actually do at bootcamp.

Warm Up:

  • Squat x 5
  • Jump jacks x 30 sec
  • Squats x 5
  • Run x 80 meters
  • High knees x 20 meters, Run x 20 meters
  • Heel kicks x 20 meters, Run x 20 meters
  • Side to side x 40 meters, Run x 40 meters
  • Lunge x 1 min

Round 1 – Repeat x 5:

  • Squat with 8kg x 50 sec
  • Shoulder Press with 7.5 kgx 40 sec
  • Side to Sides x 30 sec

Round 2 – 12 Minutes:

  • Thruster with 5 kg x 10
  • TRX Row x 20
  • Sled Push with 40 kg x 20 meters
  • Step Up with 8 kg x 20

Round 3 – 8 Minutes:

  • Bicep Curl with 7.5 kg x 8
  • Assault Bike to burn 10 kcal  (sounds easy but trust me its not, these are no ordinary bikes – check them out here)
  • Ropes x 40

Cool Down and Stretch

Overall this takes about 50 – 60 minutes to complete but the time flies! There is a really great atmosphere at the classes and everyone is friendly and supportive of one another.  The classes are tough but rewarding and no matter how tired you were on the into way to class you always leave feeling great. I still love to get a good workout in and hate it if it feels too easy. At 29 weeks pregnant I’m not sure how much longer I have left in me to keep up bootcamp classes but I’ll try for as long as I can!

So let me know what sort of pregnancy exercise programs you’ve been taking part in and for how long.


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