Pregnancy Update Week 30 – Weekend in Mayo

Hi D Ho and welcome to my week 30 pregnancy update. This week baby has grown to the size of a large cabbage – about 3 Lbs. Baby is still kicking really strongly and wakes me up every night between 2 and 3 am – oh how I miss a solid nights sleep!

Pregnancy Update Week 30
Pregnancy Update Week 30

What do you think of this weeks bump photo? The bump #1 photo was taken in Boston early December 2013, this was a work trip I went on and it was one of the very last few weeks I could still travel on a long haul flight. I remember being so determined to go on this trip (and extend it out slightly to include a visit to New York) that I refused to acknowledge my pregnancy tiredness and stiffness and soreness. Notice the fact I’m wearing red shoes in both photos even though theres over 2 years between the photos – (they are different shoes I swear – I love red shoes 🙂 )

Back to 2016 and exhaustion is still my main pregnancy symptom, ever since I hit the third trimester I’ve been wrecked tired all the time. I’m getting a bit more stiff and sore and oddly enough I’m getting heartburn every week during pregnancy pilates- but only during the class – don’t think baby likes being contorted into all the strange pilates positions!


Pregnancy Update Week 30 – Trip to Breaffy House

This weekend Granny, Little Man and I all went away for the weekend to Breaffy House Hotel in Mayo. Little Man loved exploring the hotel and pressing the buttons in the lift. Thankfully he slept really well in his travel cot. When I put him down on Friday night he lay there peacefully watching the TV for about an hour before falling asleep all by himself and he stayed in his cot for the whole night!

On Saturday I made my way through the maze of hotel corridors and lifts to eventually find the hotel spa. Here I spent the morning in the dry flotation bed and followed it up with a relaxing facial. It was a great morning and it really reminded me that I need to try and fit in a few more spa trips before baby comes along! Unfortunately while the facial was great at the time, my poor skin is paying the price now and has broken out even worse than normal since the treatment – its really angry and sore but dry all at the same time (as if it wasn’t bad enough already – ever since I became pregnant with little man my skin has been refusing to behave 😦 ). 

Later on Daddy came and picked up Little Man to bring him to swimming lessons (Daddy’s first time doing the lessons – we were a little nervous as to how Little Man would react but he loved it – great novelty having Daddy in the class). So while Daddy and Little Man headed off, Granny and I headed to Castlebar to explore the shops. The weather was not on our side but we did get a good look around and picked up some lovely children’s clothing for Little Man and Baby in Next – they have some really nice stuff in store at the minute, well worth checking out!


Little Man stayed with Daddy for the night on Saturday so Granny and I went for a nice grown up dinner in the hotel restaurant. I rarely have a drink while pregnant but do allow myself one glass of wine for the odd special occasion. Its really frustrating when you order a glass of wine in a bar or restaurant and end up with the worlds smallest measure of wine in a huge glass when you can really only only have one glass! But I need not have worried as I was in luck with the Chardonnay in Breaffy House – the waiter poured a huge glass for me – it was the end of the bottle and he just kept pouring. I was able to nurse that one glass for the whole night and not feel too hard done by for only having the one 🙂 .

On Sunday after breakfast we checked out and made our way back home, the time always seems to go so quickly when you go away for a few nights but we all really enjoyed the break. Now its back to reality, back to work and back to the gym to work off all that nice food (in case you missed it I wrote a little post on what I actually do in bootcamp – you can check it out here). Let me know how was your weekend – I’d love to know how you spent it!

Thanks for reading my week 30 pregnancy update, check back next week for week 31 xxx.

(*Note this is not a sponsored post, we were not compensated for or gifted any of the items discussed in this post).



22 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update Week 30 – Weekend in Mayo

    1. Thanks Sarah, yeah I definitely miss being able to just come home and go to bed, with a little man waiting to see you when you get home you don’t get the same break or rest, but at the same time it’s lovely to have the little man to come home too 🙂


  1. Love the bump pics 🙂 I remember the awful tiredness of pregnancy, all the sleep in the world didn’t seem to help for me. I’ve heard great things about Breaffy House, my mum and dad had a really nice stay there some years ago. Would love to visit myself at some stage.

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  2. Looks like you had a lovely relaxing break and how nice to have some well deserved time to yourself. Sorry to read about your Spa experience but I hope you’re better now, still it must have been relaxing at the time.

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  3. Happy 30 weeks 🙂 a trip to the spa is a great way to celebrate. Thank you so much for the tip about next we could do with some new clothes on both fronts :). Hope the heart burn subsides and that the soreness stays away x

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