Pregnancy Update Week 31 – Crazy Hormones and To-Do Lists

Hi D Ho and welcome to my pregnancy update for week 31. This week baby has grown to 3 1/3 Lbs and is about the size of a coconut. What do you think of this weeks bump photos – I think you can really see the differences in my weight gain this time around in my face, compared to week 31 with bump #1 I have gained 15 Lbs less so far at this stage – happy days!

Pregnancy Update Week 31
Pregnancy Update Week 31

Pregnancy hormones are really kicking in now, I get teary really easily if I read a sad story or pay attention to the lyrics of an emotional song. If anyone say me this morning on my way to work they would have thought something was awfully wrong as I cried my eyes out to the song Once I Was Seven Years Old by Lukas Graham – its not even that sad a song 😦 I was the exact same with baby number one though so will have to start being careful with what I pay attention to on the radio or on Facebook for the next while 🙂

Over the last few weeks I’ve started getting little things ready for our new arrival picking up things like baby wipes, muslin towels and baby grows but I think its time to really step it up a notch and get some of the bigger things ready. So this week I’ve been focusing on getting these things sorted:

  • Book for Little Man to explain about becoming a big brother – I looked in three Galway book shops but couldn’t find anything that I liked, its important to me that what ever books we chose would reflect our happy family style of breastfeeding, baby wearing, co-sleeping etc. so instead I reached out to the wonderful ladies on the extended breastfeeding Ireland Facebook page (can’t recommend this group highly enough) for some recommendations and now I have my order in on amazon. I’ll let you know how we get on when they arrive.
  • Stretchy Wrap – this is to keep baby close to me as much as possible for the first few months and will be used instead of a buggy most of the time. It also comes with the added benefit of  keeping my hands free so that I can still play with Little Man. I need to get more focused on this one and get an order in the next week if possible as it could take a few weeks to arrive.
  • Co-sleeper cot – also to keep baby close to me at night, this will be great for breastfeeding and make sure that we all get a bit more sleep. I think I’ve picked out what I want but it means a trip to Dublin so need to find a weekend to fit that in soon.


Aside from baby planning I managed to get sometime to myself this weekend and treated myself to a trip to the hairdresser. Its mad to think that this may be my last chance to get a haircut before baby arrives – hopefully though I will get in one more visit before the big day. I also did a little bit of shopping and even got to stop for a coffee and some cake.

Sunday was a Little Man and Mammy day as Daddy had a hard core sporting day refereeing a rugby match, watching some seemingly important Irish rugby game on TV and then staying up till silly o’clock in the morning to watch the Super Bowl (this didn’t start until 11.30 pm Irish time). Little man and I went back into Galway, he had a great time on one of those kiddy rides in the shopping centre and was very good holding my hand in the shops and sitting up beside me for lunch (even if he did drink all my water).

Anyway thats my little update for week 31, Id love to hear how you are getting on if your pregnant too? Am I the only crazy lady trying not to listen to her car radio?


18 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update Week 31 – Crazy Hormones and To-Do Lists

  1. Lots of pregnancy update posts, I’m beginning to get a little bit envious! 🙂 But these are happy and exciting times, so I do like reading about them too. Makes me remember what it was like even though my daughter is now 5. Good luck and sending you good vibes 🙂


  2. yneely

    These are such exciting times. I can sympathise with the crying, that is how I knew I was pregnant, I cried and cried over everything. I went into work one day and someone said hi and I burst into tears, he must have thought I had lost it. It all became clear a few months later of course!!! I look forward to following the rest of your journey x


  3. I cried all the time during my last pregnancy!! So so over emotional about everything!

    I really with that I had invested in a co-sleeper cot with baby #3, it would have helped so much. She was so small and needed feeding a lot.



  4. I cried all the time on my 2nd pregnancy. Love seeing the 2 bumps next to each other. Would be loved to have been able to do that but I was pretty rubbish at taking pics on my 1st pregnancy. We’ve got a Co sleeping cot on our 2nd. I love it x

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    1. Thanks Kerry, I thought I was pretty good at taking photos on my first pregnancy but it’s only now looking back that I realise I’m missing loads of weeks 😦 Looking forward to trying out the co -sleeper for real though – glad to hear you got on well with yours!


  5. Your style sounds very similar to mine! I love baby slings. I didn’t get on with our stretchy one as the wee man was so heavy and it always seemed to shift. Local sling library was invaluable!

    So glad you have a BF support network – I thought I was a pro after number one but had to relearn with Thomas and of course, he had to learn too!

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    1. Thanks Laura, baby wearing meetings are great aren’t they! Planning on doing a bf prep class soon too, was thinking it will be full of first time Mums thinking I’m crazy for attending as I’m still bf my nearly 2 year old but think I will have a lot of relearning to do too on feeding a new born!


  6. littlehouselea

    Hahah, this took me back! My little girl is two now and I’m still crying at songs in the car – last week an advert brought me to tears! Your pregnancy sounds like it’s going fab and the pictures are great – you really do look brilliant.

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  7. You look great 🙂 I still need to make a list of the things which I need to pick up – might start thinking about it this week. Love the idea of the stretchy wrap especially keeping your hands free for play! 🙂 look forward to reading your update next week xx


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