Pregnancy Update Week 32 – Birthday Celebrations

Hi d Ho and welcome to my very late week 32 pregnancy update. This was a really busy week and SO TIRED these days, ALL THE TIME, that I just didn’t have the energy to write this post as scheduled so apologies for the very big delay!

Anyway at 32 weeks baby weighs 3 3/4 Lbs and is about the size of a jicama (apparently this is a Mexican turnip??? Never herd of it but can’t seem to find any Irish fruit or veg for this week 🙂 ). Baby even has fully developed finger and toe nails and is clearly growing loads of hair as my heartburn is ramping up! Heres my week 32 bump photos, the 2013 photo was taken before I went out for my work Christmas party, I think bump is pretty big consistently in both pictures but you can definitely see the difference in my face this time around!

Pregnancy Update Week 32
Pregnancy Update Week 32

So week 32 was my birthday week! My birthday falls on the 13th of Feb so we have the double celebrations of my birthday and valentines day back to back – don’t worry I made it very clear to deal husband (DH) from the start that these were two separate occasions 🙂

My birthday got off to a lovely start with a lie in followed by a lazy breakfast in bed with cards and gifts from Little Man.  Then Wonderfull DH whisked me away for the night to the Ice House Hotel and Spa in Co. Mayo. We figured one night away was the perfect balance between wanting a weekend away and not wanting to leave Little Man – this way we still got to see hime each day!

Pregnancy Update Week 32 - Birthday Morning
Pregnancy Update Week 32

The Ice Hotel is a beautiful little boutique hotel sitting beside the River Moy in Ballina with stunning views and quirky decor through out. We had a really chilled out visit, never leaving the hotel. Our room had a full floor to celling glass window overlooking the river, the bed and the bath were covered in chocolates and rose petals (along with a pair of towel swans on the bed) along with a bottle of prosecco and a happy valentines plate of sweet treats (not that the prosecco is much good to us these days 😦 DH doesn’t drink at all so the bottle came home with us for me to celebrate with after baby arrives).

After we got settled in the hotel room I headed off to the spa for a lovely full body maternity massage and a manicure. The massage was heaven, during my first pregnancy loads of people told me not to bother with them as the therapists go so lightly that you can hardly feel it and so I left it really late before going for any and boy was I sorry. Maternity massages are great, I really need to get more of these in while I still have time. After the massage and manicure I got to chill out with a good cup of coffee in the relaxation area overlooking the river – pure heaven to have uninterrupted me time like this!

Later that evening we went for dinner in the hotel restaurant, the restaurant itself is situated in the old cellers where the ice was stored originally after it was taken from the river Moy. The food was beautiful but baby started to make their mark on dinner refusing to let me eat too much – by the time I was half way though the starter I was stuffed knowing full well that I would be starving in an hour or so again!

The next morning (Valentines Days) we ordered breakfast in bed and I made use of the beautiful free standing bath and had a good soak before getting ready to check out.

Once we left the hotel we made our way back to Galway for a spot of birthday shopping. Here I picked up this fabousls pick DNKY bag and card holder as a birthday present to myself from Mum (I was under strict instructions to treat myself to something nice with the cash I found in my birthday card and not to spend it on groceries 🙂 so thanks Mum!).

Pregnancy Update Week 32 - Birthday Presents!
Pregnancy Update Week 32

I had been on the look out for a small bag like this for a while now as when baby comes along the changing bag will become my main bag that goes everywhere. Its great to have a small bag that you can slip inside the changing bag so that on the odd occasion that I get to slip away for an hour or so the changing bag can stay with baby (and daddy/granny) and I can still have a bag to put my bits and bobs in.

Then we went for a lovely lunch in Milano’s – so great to pretend to be an adult couple again and go for a nice lunch without trying to keep Little Man fed and content too. This was one of our favourite restaurants when we used to live in the city, in fact we lived on the exact same street! Unfortunately seeing the day that was in it they were crazy busy and there was a 40 minute wait for a table – and no amount of pushing my bump out and huffing and puffing like I could have this baby any minute now was going to reduce the weight.

Finally we got home to Little Man and Granny who had baked me a fabulous birthday pavlova. Little man was so excited to show it to me the minute we got in the door! He even ate a whole slice of it all by himself! It was a great birthday and valentines day thanks to my wonderful DH, Little Man and Mum but I was so wrecked after it all that I just crashed and burned.

Anyway thats my very overdue week 32 pregnancy update, stay tuned later this week to read all about week 33 and Little Mans 2nd birthday!


7 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update Week 32 – Birthday Celebrations

  1. Hi Fiona, really recommend maternity massages, Im starting to get close to the end now and need to plan more before I run out of time – eek! How far along are you now yourself?

    I love all the random fruit and veg descriptions too, really makes it easy to imagine whats going on in your tummy 🙂


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