Pregnancy Update Week 34 – Finishing Up

Hi D Ho and welcome to my week 34 pregnancy update (overdue but I’m catching up on my updates now – promise 🙂). At 34 weeks baby baby weighs about 4 3/4 pounds – about the size of a cantaloupe melon and is almost 18 inches long. The photos comparing my first and second pregnancy baby bumps are really starting to show the differences now. Would you believe I started this pregnancy slightly heavier than I did my first?

Pregnancy Update Week 34
Pregnancy Update Week 34

Everything changed during week 34. I’ve been complaining for some weeks now about my extreme tiredness (see updates from week 32 and week 33), on Thursday I went to my GP for a check up. She was concerned about my iron levels not picking up and how generally run down I am so she recommended that I finish work and get some more rest. I had hoped to continue my normal routines for as long as possible but I am really getting too run down and I need to start taking it a bit easier. It was very surreal packing up my desk at work so early and also very strange to finish work so early in the day 🙂 so once I had everything loaded up I headed into town for a treat to celebrate finishing work!

I went to 56 Central on Shop Street in Galway for lunch – I love this restaurant but rarely get to go as its the sort of place that you can’t really bring kids. Here I had a fab homemade chicken burger with sweet potato fries followed up with a slice of salted caramel and peanut pie – all to myself in complete peace! I also got to do a little shopping picking up some raspberry leaf tea (nearly time to start drinking this in preparation for the big day) and some fab new healthy cookbooks. I also got the new Roz Purcell book – Natural Born Feeder which I can’t wait to try out.

The tiredness has also taken its toll on my energy levels for exercise so I decided it was also time to finish up my bootcamp classes this week. I headed over to RBF fitness after my little shopping trip to get a final set of measurements done. I had been doing bootcamp classes 3 times a week up until January, I then moved to bootcamp twice a week along with adding a pregnancy pilates class.

Its amazing to see how my measurements have changed thought this time, since becoming pregnant in July I have lost 12 cm of each arm, 18 cm off each leg, 7.5cm off my midsection and 20cms off my hips. Overall I have put on just 17 Lbs so far compared to 33 Lbs at this stage with Little Man. I’m really going to miss bootcamp classes (never thought I’d actually say that) but unfortunately its time to listen to my body and take things easier. For my last few weeks Im planning to do Pilates twice a week and try and get out for a walk as often as the Irish weather will permit.

Pregnancy Update Week 34 - Little Man
Pregnancy Update Week 34 – Little Man

Overall I’m really excited about the changes that happened this week, it feels like I’m moving into the business end of this pregnancy now and its time to get my body prepared and rested for the big day. For the last few weeks its felt like all of my alert awake time has been spent at work. As soon as I would get home I’d just crash and burn with no energy left for anything else so I’m really looking forward to catching up on a lot of much needed sleep and spending some quality awake play time with Little Man!

So thats my pregnancy update for week 34, check back later this week for the week 35 update.


19 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update Week 34 – Finishing Up

  1. Congratulations on finishing up work! That meal looks amazing, and to eat it at your own pace too? What a treat! Really hope the tiredness eases up soon – if it’s any consolation you’re looking fabulous, even if you don’t feel it (I know it’s probably no consolation at all!)

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    1. Thanks Katy, I think a good but if sleep will really help, with work I’m up at 6.30 and not home til 7 or 8 most days so finishing should really help improve how run down I’ve become.


  2. Ah, sorry you’ve been feeling so utterly exhausted but glad you’ve finished work and can now rest up and spend some quality time looking after yourself and being with your little lad.
    You’re looking AMAZING by the way, you should be super proud of yourself!x

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    1. Thanks for your kind comments, really looking forward to spending more time with my little man alright, just have to stay strong for the last few weeks and stay away from the biscuit tin 🙂

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    1. Thanks Mummy Toolbox, part of me is impatient for baby to get here and part of me feels like baby can take their time 🙂 The restaurant is new enough, maybe 6 months or a year old? It used to be Lynchs cafe on shop street but it’s completely different now.

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    1. Thanks, really trying to get that rest in now. Lunch was fab, it’s not often I get to go somewhere nice on my own and just enjoy lunch without trying to keep a toddler entertained and fed 🙂

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  3. Your lunch sounds delicious, I’m glad you got to pack up and enjoy the afternoon to yourself! Good for you for doing exercise classes during your pregnancy, I bet it has helped you be less tired, because your keeping energy levels up 🙂 aside from working very long hours of course! I hope you enjoy your rest time and that last bit of quality time with your son before the new baby arrives! Before you know it your have a little one in your arms 🙂 xxx

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