Pregnancy Update Week 37 – Me Time

Hi D Ho and welcome to my pregnancy update for week 37, at this stage baby weighs about 6 & 1/3 of Lbs (or maybe bigger – baby has always been measuring a bit bigger than their dates after all Dear Husband is 6 foot 2), is about 19 inches long and about the size of swiss chard or a winter melon if you know what either of those things are 🙂

Pregnancy Update Week 37 Bump #1 and #2 Photos
Pregnancy Update Week 37 Bump #1 and #2 Photos

Comparing my bump 1 and 2 photos I think my current bump seems just as big but higher than on my last pregnancy. You can really see the differences in my weight now too between to the two photos – hopefully this is going to make a big difference when it comes to getting back to normal after the baby arrives.

So first up this week was a meet up with my Doula who called out to the house to make sure she would know how to find it for the big day 🙂 Little Man had loads of fun showing her all his things and wasn’t one bit shy. We ran though Little Mans birth and my birth plan for this time around. Overall it was really uplifting to discuss the possibilities for this time around and to help prepare for a positive birth experience.

Next up I took a little time out for myself and booked into a hotel not too far away for a night all by myself! I’m an only child so every now and again I really just enjoy spending time chilling out on my own – something you don’t get to do very often when you have children. I headed off to the hotel after lunch at home with my Little Man and went straight to the hotel spa for a full body maternity massage and a deluxe pedicure. It was really lovely just to chill out and be pampered for a little bit.

Later on i headed to the bar for a cocktail (non-alcoholic Pina Colada included as part of my room package) and relaxed working away on my blog for a bit – I’m sure the other guests in the bar must have thought it was a bit odd to see a pregnant woman drinking cocktails on her own working away on a laptop.

After that I ordered Domonos Pizza to the hotel, this was something I craved during my first pregnancy (probably a bit too much considering the difference in my bump 1 and 2 photos above). We live too far away from Dominoes to get it delivered so getting it to the hotel was a real treat. I was so excited that I ended up ordering way too much and was stuffed after only eating a quarter of it – but I really enjoyed it.

Pregnancy Update Week 37 Breakfast in Bed!
Pregnancy Update Week 37 Breakfast in Bed!

The next morning I had breakfast in bed followed by a relaxing bath which was just heaven. This also happened to be St Patricks Day so Little Man came to meet me with DH and Granny at lunch time! We had a lovely meal followed by Little Mans first St Patricks Day Parade. It was a real typical Irish town parade with lots of local groups and business proudly displaying their banners and trucks but not really the type of parade you see on TV with extravagant floats and costumes. Little Man didn’t mind though, he is mad about fire engine toys so he loved seeing the real life fire trucks and wasn’t one bit scared by the sirens – a big change from a few months ago in New York when he was so frightened by the loud noises.


Overall it was a great couple of days and really nice to spend a little me time before baby arrives.  So thats my pregnancy update for week 37 – stay tuned for week 38s update 🙂


21 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update Week 37 – Me Time

    1. Thanks Rhian, it was lovely alright, it’s the little things like this that’s hard to do for ages after you have a baby that make them oh so good to enjoy beforehand!


    1. Thanks a million! It’s hard to find the time for ourselves sometimes but I’m determined to get a little pampering in before the madness starts when baby arrives this time. You don’t feel the months flying by, before you know it your back to work and you didn’t get to do anything nice for yourself!


    1. Thanks Little Steps/Dean B, it was an idea I got from my last pregnancy when I had to do some travel for work – best nights sleep ever in a huge bed with loads of pillows!


    1. I didn’t have a doula first time around but wish I did now in hindsight. We all have faith that our medical caregivers have our best interest at heart but unfortunately that’s not always the case when they have to manage patient throughput and resources available. This time around I’m much more informed on best practices and the fact that I don’t “have too” consent to anything that I don’t want too.


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