Pregnancy Update Week 38 – Easter

Hi D Ho and welcome to my pregnancy update for week 38, this week baby weighs around 6.8 Lbs and is about the length of a leek at 19 1/2 inches long. From this point on baby is considered full term (anywhere between 38 – 42 is full term) so we could have a baby any day now – although judging by Little Mans reluctance to make an appearance during my first pregnancy I’m not expecting anything to happen any time too soon.

Pregnancy Update Week 38 - Bump 1 and 2 Photo Comparisons
Pregnancy Update Week 38 – Bump 1 and 2 Photo Comparisons


First up this week we were into the hospital for a regular check up, all is still going well and baby is still head down with their spine on my left side – just where we want them. I met with my consultant and ran through the birth plan – overall he seemed happy enough with everything so happy days. I’m keeping well myself but the tiredness is reaching new levels of crazy – the smallest things really take it out of me and I’m wrecked tired all the time. Although looking at my bump 1 and 2 photos above I do look a lot healthier this time around.

This week I have been trying to get my hospital bags finally packed. For some reason I keep putting this on the long finger, for weeks now I have been gathering bits and pieces and putting orders in on line for things I might need however I just seem to be reluctant to finally put all these pieces together and call my bags officially packed.

Aside from hospital bag packing this weekend was Easter, we had a lovely long weekend and Little Man loved having DH home for the extra days! On Easter Sunday itself Little Man got to open his fab Easter gift bag from Granny full of great Easter themed toys (we think he’s too young for Eater Eggs yet and just as happy happy out with a bowl of fruit so no chocolate for Little Man). Two of the toys included in Grannys wonderful basket (Michael the Bunny and Ducky) have now become firm bedtime companions. After dinner we went for a lovely walk in our local forrest. Little Man loved running around and exploring 🙂

On Easter Monday Granddad and Nana Marie came to visit. DH cooked a fab dinner – I’m just really not up to it these days so DH was very good making sure that I had very little to do. Little Man had loads of fun dressing up and showing off all his toys. Granddad had also sent a lovely book to Little Man for Easter and the two of them happily sat on the couch reading it together for ages.

Overall it was a really nice chilled out Easter, mad to think that next time Granddad and Nana Marie come to visit there will probably be another little person here too!

So thats my pregnancy update for week 38, stay tuned for baby updates some time soon!




18 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update Week 38 – Easter

  1. Oh wow not long now! This is the best bit of pregnancy, knowing its any minute now. I can’t believe you have only just got round to doing the hospital bag, I had mine done so early on at like 30 weeks haha I was a bit eager!

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