Pregnancy Update Week 39 – Operation Baby Evection

Hi D Ho and welcome to my pregnancy update for week 39. As you may know our beautiful daughter has arrived, she arrived during week 40 but unfortunately I never got to post my week 39 update even though I had most of it written 😦 So before we get into what happened week 40 heres week 39s update:

At 39 weeks baby is the size of a mini watermelon (although to look at the size of my bump you would think baby is the size of a basket ball) and around 20 inches long. Comparing the week 39 photos from my first and second pregnancies really shows the difference the focus on my diet and exercise made this time around – its great to see my hard work paying off!

Pregnancy Update Week 39 - Spot the Differences in my Bump 1 and Bump 2 Photos?
Pregnancy Update Week 39 – Spot the Differences in my Bump 1 and Bump 2 Photos?

It really feels like bump has dropped this week, all the ligaments supporting bump are soo sore now withs its new position. I find it’s particularly sore if I’m sitting or standing for a bit and then go to move – serious old woman aches and pains for a bit 😦 The heartburn is still going strong and I’ve even had to invest in a few more bottles of Gavascon! Unfortunately hunger is going strong too, I’m starving all the time these days and hoping not to pile on the pounds too badly at the last hurdle!

Early this week I started getting more regular braxton hicks or “tightenings” and a few times I thought things might be starting to kick off but it all quietened down again. I’ve been preparing for the long haul (42+ weeks) all thought this pregnancy so its really frustrating to get my hopes up so early only to have them dashed again 😦

Little Man is getting really excited to meet baby, when we were taking this weeks bump photos he was mad to get in on the action kissing and hugging bump – he’s super cute!

Pregnancy Update Week 39 - Little Mans Excited to Meet Baby
Pregnancy Update Week 39 – Little Mans Excited to Meet Baby

This week we started operation baby evection with a visit to our local Chinese restaurant for some good old fashioned spicy food. The restaurant has been completely redone since our last visit (ages ago) so now instead of it being a traditional Chinese restaurant its now Bonsai “Asian Street Food”. Overall it was a nice change with an interesting new menu and nice fresh ingredients – no luminous orange sauces here. I tried the spicy gongbao, really tasty but unfortunately not as spicy as I hoped for.

I’m still going to my Pregnancy Pilates Classes and trying to get some walks in – though that is much harder since bump has dropped. Hopefully the exercise will help move baby along in a timely manner 🙂

At the weekend my lovely Doula hosted another Gentle Birth Meet Up, it was great to spend some time with other like minded Mums and Mums to be. It really helps to get you mentally prepared for the big day.

Afterwards I went for a little wander around the shops wondering if this will be the last time I get to go around on my own like this for a good while. I’m in this weird little place between pregnancy and new mum at the moment, its too late to look at any more maternity things but to early to buy any new mum stuff. I’m trying to preempt what I might need in the next few weeks and months when I won’t have the luxury of time to browse in shops but resist the urge to buy unnecessary crap that seems so appealing right now.

Anyway thats my my little pregnancy update on how week 39 went, stay tuned for week 40 and babies arrival!


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