Baby Update – 1 Month Old

Hi D Ho and welcome to Little Ladies One Month update! Our beautiful daughter was born on the 10th of April and we have really enjoyed welcoming her into our little family and getting to know her. It’s hard to believe she’s one month old already, I feel like the weeks have flown by in a haze of baby cuddles. I’m trying to do my best to soak up all her little “firsts” into precious memories as time passes far too quickly!

One Month Update
Little Ladies One Month Update

Life with Little Lady has been great and surprisingly easier than expected. She is such a different little soul than her brother, I’m not sure if its the difference between boys and girls or just different personalities but Little Lady is a real content little baby who just wants to eat, sleep and be cuddled all day long. Her big brother was a lot more unsettled at this stage.

Baby Update - Month 1
Baby Update – Month 1 – Little Man and Little Lady

Little Lady is exclusively breastfeeding and its going really well. She cluster feeds a lot in the evening but happily sleeps though the night. Co-sleeping means we spend a lot of time lying down together for cuddly feeds when in bed which is lovely. She latches on really well which makes feeding out and about very easy. I’m also feeding her big brother and so far she doesn’t mind sharing. Most days when we are at home they both curl up on my lap for a feed (known as tandem feeding) and then happily drift off for a nap together – its an amazing feeling feeding both together and nap time forces me to take it easy for bit too!

She has been gaining weight really well too, she was born 8Lbs 14 oz, by her two week check she was 9Lbs 4 and now at one month she weighs an unbelievable 11Lbs 4oz – go boobies! She was 53 cm long when she was born and has already grown to 60 cm – she’s going to tall like her Dad. She’s currently wearing size 0 – 3 month clothes but she won’t have long left in them. Everyday I look in her little wardrobe to see what she hasn’t worn yet to try and make sure she gets to everything before they get too small. I must admit I love dressing her up – theres such lovely dresses and little outfits for girls that you just don’t get for little boys.

My Day to Day View - Little Lady Curled Up on My Lap Fast Asleep
My Day to Day View – Little Lady Curled Up on My Lap Fast Asleep

Sleep is going really well, we are co-sleeping which is working really well for us. Co-sleeping combined with breastfeeding means we rarely have to get up during the night – in fact we are all getting a full nights sleep already most nights. Unfortunately our Little Man (2 year old boss of the house) has decided that he doesn’t want to sleep anymore so he’s the one keeping us awake at night (I say us but I mean Daddy – he’s been great; doing far more of his fair share looking after Little Man at night time).

We have tried giving Little Lady a soother for comfort when I’m putting Little Man to bed but she has no real interest in it. We tried a few different brands but she keeps spitting them out so it doesn’t look like she will be using one long term.

Little Man and Little Lady
Little Man and Little Lady

Little Man is also getting on really well with the new addition to the family. He loves looking at Little Lady and giving her kisses all the time. Every morning he runs into our room, hops up into our bed and clambers over me real quickly to see her. He’s really protective of her too already, recently we had some visitors who moved one of her blankets which had been left on the couch and Little Man nearly lost the plot!

Family Day Out with Little Lady
Family Day Out with Little Lady

We’ve have had a great month learning about Little Lady too- heres some of the things we’ve found out so far:

  • She sleeps like her Mammy – she loves a good lie in and sleeps well throughout the night!
  • She’s got her Daddy appetite – she loves to eat and cluster feeds like mad, its all food food food!
  • She loves holding hands with her big brother – well she doesn’t get much of a choice with this but she doesn’t complain 🙂 , she also likes to play with his hair when the two of them curl up on my lap for naps.
  • She loves being close to mammy – she will be social with visitors for a short time but fairly quickly she looks to come back to Mammy.
  • She can’t tolerate a dirty nappy – she rarely cries at all but as soon as she has a dirty nappy she makes sure we all know about it!
Holding Hands
Holding Hands

In her first month she has had a great little social life with a photoshoot with the wonderful Maya Nonnan, afternoon tea in the G hotel for Grannies birthday, visits to Clare for her cousins communion, a trip to Maynooth to the Earth Baby Fair and she even attended a bloggers conference in Galway. Being a breastfeed baby who gets worn everywhere makes her really portable – all we need is a few nappies and a spare change of clothes and we are out the door!

So thats my round up of our first month with Little Lady. Its been great being well enough after birth this time to really enjoy getting to know her. We can’t wait to see how she grows and develops in the coming months while we figure out how life works with two little people!


10 thoughts on “Baby Update – 1 Month Old

  1. Double the Monkey Business

    I really love these photos and it is so nice to see her all settled in 🙂 I really love the photo of the kiddies on the rug, incredibly cute!! xx


  2. c

    She is so gorgeous!!!!!! What a great update. The first month does just fly by. It’s so nice getting to dress a little girl isn’t it! We have so much fun choosing outfits. xx


  3. Kerry Norris

    Oh she is just adorable. What beautiful pictures. We are still cosleeping and breastfeeding here and Ophelia is 6 months old now. It’s worked out so well for us. Enjoy every minute x


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