Pregnancy Update Week 34 – Finishing Up

Hi D Ho and welcome to my week 34 pregnancy update (overdue but I’m catching up on my updates now – promise ūüôā). At 34 weeks baby¬†baby¬†weighs about 4 3/4 pounds – about the size of a¬†cantaloupe melon and is almost 18 inches long. The¬†photos comparing my first and second pregnancy baby bumps are really starting to show the differences now. Would you believe I started this pregnancy slightly heavier than I did my¬†first?

Pregnancy Update Week 34
Pregnancy Update Week 34

Everything changed during¬†week 34. I’ve been complaining for some weeks now about my extreme tiredness (see updates from week 32 and week¬†33), on Thursday I went to Continue reading “Pregnancy Update Week 34 – Finishing Up”


Pregnancy Update Week 33 – Breech Baby?

Hi D Ho and welcome to my very late pregnancy update for week 33. I’m now 35 weeks pregnant but have been so exhausted¬†the last few weeks that I’m playing catch up on my updates so apologies for the late posts. So at 33 weeks baby is the size of a pineapple and weighs about 4Lbs.

I’ve kept up my regular exercise – currently bootcamp twice week and pregnancy pilates once a week in the hope of it keeping me fit and giving me back some energy. I’m starting to see the benefits of it now –¬†at 33 weeks with bump #1 I had put on 32 Lbs while at this stage with bump #2 Ive only put on 16 Lbs – exactly half my original weight gain at this point!

Pregnancy Update Week 33
Pregnancy Update Week 33

What do you think of the photos above? I think I look a lot healthier in the bump 2 photo.

Week 33 was a busy one, most importantly it was my Little Mans 2nd birthday. Continue reading “Pregnancy Update Week 33 – Breech Baby?”

Pregnancy Update Week 32 – Birthday Celebrations

Hi d Ho and welcome to my very late week 32 pregnancy update. This was a really busy week and SO TIRED¬†these days, ALL THE TIME, that¬†I just didn’t have the energy to write this post as scheduled so apologies for the very big delay!

Anyway at 32 weeks¬†baby weighs 3 3/4 Lbs and is about the size of a jicama (apparently this is a Mexican¬†turnip??? Never herd of it but can’t seem to find any Irish fruit or veg for this week ūüôā ). Baby even has fully developed finger and toe nails and is clearly growing loads of hair as my heartburn is ramping up! Heres my week 32 bump photos, the 2013 photo was taken before I went out for my work Christmas party, I think bump is pretty big consistently in both pictures but you can definitely see the difference in my face this time around!

Pregnancy Update Week 32
Pregnancy Update Week 32

So week 32 was my birthday week! My birthday falls on the 13th of Feb so we have the double celebrations of Continue reading “Pregnancy Update Week 32 – Birthday Celebrations”

Pregnancy Update Week 31 – Crazy Hormones and To-Do Lists

Hi D Ho and welcome to my pregnancy update for week 31. This week baby has grown to 3 1/3 Lbs and is about the size of a coconut. What do you think of this weeks bump photos РI think you can really see the differences in my weight gain this time around in my face, compared to week 31 with bump #1 I have gained 15 Lbs less so far at this stage Рhappy days!

Pregnancy Update Week 31
Pregnancy Update Week 31

Pregnancy hormones are really kicking in now, I get teary really easily if I read a sad story or Continue reading “Pregnancy Update Week 31 – Crazy Hormones and To-Do Lists”

Pregnancy Update Week 30 – Weekend in Mayo

Hi D Ho and welcome to my week 30 pregnancy update. This week baby has grown to the size of a large cabbage Рabout 3 Lbs. Baby is still kicking really strongly and wakes me up every night between 2 and 3 am Рoh how I miss a solid nights sleep!

Pregnancy Update Week 30
Pregnancy Update Week 30

What do you think of this weeks bump photo? The bump #1 photo was taken in Boston early December 2013, this was a work trip I went on and it was one of the very last few weeks I could still travel on a long haul flight. I remember being so determined to go on this trip (and extend it out slightly to include a visit to New York) that I refused Continue reading “Pregnancy Update Week 30 – Weekend in Mayo”

Pregnancy Fitness – What I do at Bootcamp

Hi D Ho! As you may know I’ve been going to bootcamp classes at Ronan Bilbow Fitness in Galway all though out my pregnancy so far (I’m currency 29 weeks with my second baby).

RBF Bootcamp

The classes that I go to are normal mainstream bootcamp classes¬†not specifically designed for pregnancy but Ronan and his team have been¬†great in modifying the classes here and there as I go along to make sure they are still safe for me to participate in. Continue reading “Pregnancy Fitness – What I do at Bootcamp”

Pregnancy Update Week 29 – Pyjama Days

Hi D Ho and welcome to my week 29 pregnancy update. Baby now weighs about 2 1/2 Lbs, is about 15 inches long from head to heel and is about the size of a butternut squash (yum yum, I love butternut squash ūüôā ).

Pregnancy Update Week 29
Pregnancy Update Week 29

This week we were finally back in the hospital for a check up – we haven’t been in since week 12 so it feels like a life time ago! All went well at the check up, they did an ultrasound to check on baby and all is good – baby is a good size and head down so there really isn’t much to report. A lovely student doctor was present who examined me also, she was so polite and gentle – I really hope she keeps these skills when she’s fully qualified!

The day of our hospital appointment was #NoComplaints day on twitter – one whole day of no complaints. I was a bit worried that my challenge was going to go out the window at the first hurdle as most of the appointments I have had so far have been challenging to say the least but for once it was all very calm and non-confrontational.  In the end ¬£NoComplaints day went quite well – a little positivity goes a long way!

While writing this post I looked back at photos from week 29 of my last pregnancy I found lots of lovely photos from the baby shower that my lovely sister in law Paula threw for me when I was pregnant with Little Man in 2013. They were so confident I was having a boy (even though I hadn’t found out) that they had decorated the whole house in blue (good job they were right)! It was a great party but one thing I  really noticed in the photos was how lovely my skin and hair looked, the elusive pregnancy glow – what happened since????????

Back to the reality of pregnancy #2 and I’m still battling crippling tiredness. On Saturday I brought Little Man for his swimming session at 11 am and came straight home to bed for the rest of the day once it was over. Dear Husband has been very good trying to do as much as possible and leaving me to rest – he even dared to pack away our prized Belleke Christmas Nativity set (yes there are still some Christmas decorations left up in the “good” sitting room that I just haven’t had time to take down. Luckily we don’t use this room very often so I can lock the door and remain in a happy state of denial about whats behind it ūüôā ).

Pregnancy Update Week 29 - Pyjama Day
Pregnancy Update Week 29

On Sunday Dear Husband disappeared off to rugby so myself and Little Man had a pyjama day for ourselves not leaving the house at all. At one point he was curled up to me on the couch when baby started kicking, Little Man got such a shock at being kicked by my tummy and was not impressed to say the least!

Anyway thats my little update for week 29, hope you enjoyed it! If your expecting too, let me know how you are getting on – has the tiredness got to you too?

Pregnancy Update Week 28 – The Third Trimester

Hi D Ho and welcome to my 28 week pregnancy update. Baby is now about 2.25 lbs and about the size of an aubergine (or egg plant in the US). Week 28 also officially marks the start of the third trimester.

Pregnancy Update Week 28
Pregnancy Update Week 28

This week has been a real pregnancy focused week. To start with¬†I was back with my GP for a routine check up, all is well with baby but I’m a bit run down so she felt it was best that I take a few days off to rest. So home I tottered for a good old afternoon nap and thats where I stayed for most of Thursday and Friday. You might remember from last weeks post – Week 27 and the January Blues I was finding the first week back after Christmas tough going so¬†I really think this extra rest did me the world of good.

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Pregnancy Update Week 27 – January Blues

Hi D Ho, heres my pregnancy update for week 27!  Baby is now 2 Lbs in weight and about the size of a head of cauliflower.

Pregnancy Update Week 27b
Pregnancy Update Week 27

Baby is kicking so strongly and CONSTANTLY.¬†Its really distracting when your working away in a quite office trying to concentrate on some terribly interesting report and baby keeps going “knock knock, I’m still here, knock knock” and then starts playing the drums with your¬†tummy. Even poor Dear Husband (DH) was getting bet up by bump in bed the other night, the kicks were so strong he could feel them in his side as I was trying to sleep.

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Pregnancy Update Week 26 -Mammy Phases

Hi d Ho and welcome to the first pregnancy update of 2016 Рweek 26! Baby now weighs about 1 and 2/3rds of a pound and measures about 14 inches long Рabout the length of a bunch of spring onions.

Pregnancy Update Week 26
Pregnancy Update Week 26

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