Pregnancy Update Week 25 – Christmas

Hi d ho and happy Christmas! Week 25 already and for this weeks pregnancy update baby is now the size of a turnip. According to baby is starting to grow hair and right on track  Mammy is starting to get heartburn – there is going to be another long three months ahead!

Bump wise I’m still expanding and Christmas won’t be helping the weight gain. However; I think you can start to see a difference in the bump 1 and bump 2 photos below – Im nearly a stone (14 Lbs) heavier in the bump 1 photo at 25 weeks than I am on this pregnancy with bump 2 and you can really see that in my face.

Week 25a
Week 25 Update – Bumps 1 and 2
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Pregnancy Update Week 21 – Christmas Comes Early

Hi D Ho! Week 21 already and for this weeks pregnancy update baby is now the size of a carrot and apparently weighs about three-quarters of a pound – I don’t think I’ve ever come across a carrot that weighed three-quarters of a pound but who’s to judge.

Pregnancy wise all is going well, baby kicks are getting stronger and more frequent every day and bump is getting bigger. Im starting to watch my sitting and sleeping positions more now to encourage baby into the best position for birth, so no more slouching on the couch or sleeping on my right side (or at least I’m trying not too 🙂 ). I’ve rooted out my dreamgenii pregnancy support pillow – it was great last time round for supporting bump and getting comfy at night. Its also supposed to help get baby into the best position for birth too so fingers crossed!

Bump Week 21
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