Whats in my Hospital Bags

So I have finally officially packed my hospital bags – something I’ve been delaying for a while now. For weeks I had been gathering bits and pieces, putting orders in on line for things I might need and creating nice little piles of things to take with me. However; I just seemed to be reluctant to finally put all these pieces together and call my bags officially packed.

Finally Packed my Hospital Bags!!!
Finally Packed my Hospital Bags!!!

Its a strange feeling packing my bags this time around, most people say Continue reading “Whats in my Hospital Bags”


Pregnancy Update Week 38 – Easter

Hi D Ho and welcome to my pregnancy update for week 38, this week baby weighs around 6.8 Lbs and is about the length of a leek at 19 1/2 inches long. From this point on baby is considered full term (anywhere between 38 – 42 is full term) so we could have a baby any day now – although judging by Little Mans reluctance to make an appearance during my first pregnancy I’m not expecting anything to happen any time too soon.

Pregnancy Update Week 38 - Bump 1 and 2 Photo Comparisons
Pregnancy Update Week 38 – Bump 1 and 2 Photo Comparisons


First up this week we were into the hospital for a regular check up, Continue reading “Pregnancy Update Week 38 – Easter”