Pregnancy Update Week 39 – Operation Baby Evection

Hi D Ho and welcome to my pregnancy update for week 39. As you may know our beautiful daughter has arrived, she arrived during week 40 but unfortunately I never got to post my week 39 update even though I had most of it written 😦 So before we get into what happened week 40 heres week 39s update:

At 39 weeks baby is the size of a mini watermelon (although to look at the size of my bump you would think baby is the size of a basket ball) and around 20 inches long. Comparing the week 39 photos from my first and second pregnancies really shows the difference the focus on my diet and exercise made this time around – its great to see my hard work paying off!

Pregnancy Update Week 39 - Spot the Differences in my Bump 1 and Bump 2 Photos?
Pregnancy Update Week 39 – Spot the Differences in my Bump 1 and Bump 2 Photos?

It really feels like bump has dropped this week, all the ligaments supporting bump are Continue reading “Pregnancy Update Week 39 – Operation Baby Evection”


Pregnancy Update Week 32 – Birthday Celebrations

Hi d Ho and welcome to my very late week 32 pregnancy update. This was a really busy week and SO TIRED these days, ALL THE TIME, that I just didn’t have the energy to write this post as scheduled so apologies for the very big delay!

Anyway at 32 weeks baby weighs 3 3/4 Lbs and is about the size of a jicama (apparently this is a Mexican turnip??? Never herd of it but can’t seem to find any Irish fruit or veg for this week 🙂 ). Baby even has fully developed finger and toe nails and is clearly growing loads of hair as my heartburn is ramping up! Heres my week 32 bump photos, the 2013 photo was taken before I went out for my work Christmas party, I think bump is pretty big consistently in both pictures but you can definitely see the difference in my face this time around!

Pregnancy Update Week 32
Pregnancy Update Week 32

So week 32 was my birthday week! My birthday falls on the 13th of Feb so we have the double celebrations of Continue reading “Pregnancy Update Week 32 – Birthday Celebrations”

Pregnancy Update Week 30 – Weekend in Mayo

Hi D Ho and welcome to my week 30 pregnancy update. This week baby has grown to the size of a large cabbage – about 3 Lbs. Baby is still kicking really strongly and wakes me up every night between 2 and 3 am – oh how I miss a solid nights sleep!

Pregnancy Update Week 30
Pregnancy Update Week 30

What do you think of this weeks bump photo? The bump #1 photo was taken in Boston early December 2013, this was a work trip I went on and it was one of the very last few weeks I could still travel on a long haul flight. I remember being so determined to go on this trip (and extend it out slightly to include a visit to New York) that I refused Continue reading “Pregnancy Update Week 30 – Weekend in Mayo”

Pregnancy Update Weeks 23 and 24 – New York New York

Hi D Ho! Double week pregnancy update this week, we have been in New York for nearly  the last two weeks so between traveling and pregnancy/toddler jet lag I didn’t get a chance to write last weeks update.

So baby is now the size of a corn on the cob and bump has got huge!!!!!! Baby is kicking all the time and some of the kicks are so strong that they make me jump – its like someone coming up behind you and giving you a right wallop in the arm (except in your tummy, and from the inside – sneaky little thing 🙂 ).

Week 24a
Week 24 Bumps
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