Baby Update – 1 Month Old

Hi D Ho and welcome to Little Ladies One Month update! Our beautiful daughter was born on the 10th of April and we have really enjoyed welcoming her into our little family and getting to know her. It’s hard to believe she’s one month old already, I feel like the weeks have flown by in a haze of baby cuddles. I’m trying to do my best to soak up all her little “firsts” into precious memories as time passes far too quickly!

One Month Update
Little Ladies One Month Update

Life with Little Lady has been great and surprisingly Continue reading “Baby Update – 1 Month Old”


Life with Two – The First Week

Hi D Ho and welcome to my first update on life with Little Lady. We have had a great first week and we are all still on a high from her birth! Little Man is getting on really well with his new little sister. He’s so gentle with her and loves to look at her and give her kisses. It’s strange but all of a sudden Little Man seems so grown up and so heavy – I really struggled to lift him up a few times this week!

Baby Update Week 1 - Little Man and Little Ladies First Day at Home
Baby Update Week 1 – Little Man and Little Ladies First Day at Home

Little Lady started to develop some jaundice so my main focus during this first week was  keeping her close to me to establish breastfeeding, letting her feed as often as she wants in order to help clear her jaundice and to help her start gaining weight. On her day 3 check by the Public Health Nurse she had just lost 150g – only a 3.7% drop – go boobies! (New born babies lose weight quickly after being born with up to a 10% drop being normal).  All her other checks went well too and the PHN happy with how Little Lady was doing!

Sleeping has been going really well, between co-sleeping and breastfeeding we are waking very little during the night and everyone is getting plenty of rest (very unlike when her big brother arrived). At the moment Little Lady spends most of the night curled up to me in our bed. We have a co-sleeper attached too which is great for creating extra space when Little Man tumbles in on top of us in the morning – see my previous post on how we set this up.

In relation to my own post baby update, thanks to my successful VBAC (natural delivery after c-section) I was up and about lots all week and  feeling really good and happy. No sign of the baby blues this time around either thankfully. I’m still sore from the delivery but nothing compared to the pain after my c-section. I find the pain is worse some days rather than others, I think I overdo it somedays and pay for it the next ūüė¶

Weight wise I put on a total of 26 Lbs during this pregnancy and at the end of week 1 I’ve lost 20 Lbs! Only 6 Lbs of baby weight left after the first 7 days is pretty good going! My bump has really flattened down very quickly and I’m back in some of my pre-pregnancy clothes already – check out my pre pregnancy jeans below (trust me this did not happen after my first pregnancy)!

Baby Update Week 1
Baby Update Week 1 – Bump has disappeared!

At just four days old we ventured out of the house for our first proper family trip for a new born photo shoot with the wonderful Maya Noonan. We wanted to get these done as soon as possible – new born babies are sleepiest during their first two weeks and this is the best time to do a photo shoot like this. With Little Man we left it too late, and he was closer to 3 weeks old when we went for his photoshoot. At this stage he had well woken up and he refused to co-operate for photos,  crying and crying – in fact we had to reschedule the photoshoot altogether in the end.

Luckily this time around Little Lady was posing like a professional with Maya – as was Little Man. Maya got some fabulous photos – heres sneak peak of some of my favourite images from the shoot:

Little Lady Newborn Photo Shoot - Photos by Maya Noonan
Little Lady Newborn Photo Shoot – Photos by Maya Noonan
Little Lady Newborn Photo Shoot - Photos by Maya Noonan
Little Lady Newborn Photo Shoot – Photos by Maya Noonan
Little Lady Newborn Photo Shoot - Photos by Maya Noonan
Little Lady Newborn Photo Shoot – Photos by Maya Noonan

After our photoshoot we headed out to lunch in the Huntsman. I had a couple lunches here while I was pregnant and everyone always ordered the toblerone cheesecake for desert –  it always looked so good because I couldn’t have any, so I was delighted to dig into a big piece of toblerone cheesecake at lunch. For some strange reason I’d also been craving Guinness since Little Lady was born so I finally got the glass of Guinness that I’d been dying for (thats half a pint I swear in the photo below – don’t you love the cute mini half pint glasses).

On top of satisfying a few cravings I also got to feed Little Lady for the first time while out and about. Its amazing the confidence that comes with your second baby, I did feed Little Man in public but I was a lot more conscious of it at the beginning with him and it seemed a lot harder to do back then. This time around feeding Little Lady out and about seems so easy. I think babies pick up on their mothers feelings on this, if your stressed or anxious about feeding they will be too making the whole process more difficult. Look at the photo above – you’d never realise I’m feeding Little Lady in it!

Finally we rounded off the week with some very special visitors – Grandad and Nana Marie came to meet Little Lady for the very first time along with her soon to be Godfather PJ. Little Lady happily accepted cuddles from everyone and some beautiful gifts while I happily accepted a bottle of champagne :-).

So thats the story of how our first week went with our new Little Lady. Its been a great first week and surprisingly a lot easier than we had expected, heres hoping that trend continues!

Pregnancy Update Week 39 – Operation Baby Evection

Hi D Ho and welcome to my pregnancy update for week 39. As you may know our beautiful daughter has arrived, she arrived during week 40 but unfortunately¬†I never got to post my week 39 update even though I had most of it written ūüė¶ So before we get into what happened week 40 heres week 39s update:

At 39 weeks baby is the size of a mini watermelon (although to look at the size of my bump you would think baby is the size of a basket ball) and around 20 inches long. Comparing the week 39 photos from my first and second pregnancies really shows the difference the focus on my diet and exercise made this time around Рits great to see my hard work paying off!

Pregnancy Update Week 39 - Spot the Differences in my Bump 1 and Bump 2 Photos?
Pregnancy Update Week 39 – Spot the Differences in my Bump 1 and Bump 2 Photos?

It really feels like bump has dropped this week, all the ligaments supporting bump are Continue reading “Pregnancy Update Week 39 – Operation Baby Evection”

Pregnancy Update Week 38 – Easter

Hi D Ho and welcome to my pregnancy update for week 38, this week baby¬†weighs around¬†6.8 Lbs¬†and is about the length¬†of a¬†leek at¬†19 1/2 inches long. From this point on baby is considered full term (anywhere between 38 – 42 is full term) so we could have a baby any day now – although judging by Little Mans reluctance to make an appearance during my first pregnancy I’m not expecting anything to happen any time too soon.

Pregnancy Update Week 38 - Bump 1 and 2 Photo Comparisons
Pregnancy Update Week 38 – Bump 1 and 2 Photo Comparisons


First up this week we were into the hospital for a regular check up, Continue reading “Pregnancy Update Week 38 – Easter”

Pregnancy Update Week 37 – Me Time

Hi D Ho and welcome to my pregnancy update for week 37, at this stage baby weighs about 6 & 1/3 of Lbs (or maybe bigger – baby has always been measuring a bit bigger than their dates after all Dear Husband is 6 foot 2), is about 19 inches long and about the size of¬†swiss chard or a winter melon if you know what either of those things are ūüôā

Pregnancy Update Week 37 Bump #1 and #2 Photos
Pregnancy Update Week 37 Bump #1 and #2 Photos

Comparing my bump 1 and 2 photos I think my current bump seems just as big but Continue reading “Pregnancy Update Week 37 – Me Time”

Pregnancy Update Week 36 -DIY Co-Sleeping with Ikea!

Hi D Ho and welcome to my pregnancy update for week 36. At this stage baby weighs about 6 Lbs and is about the size of a head of romaine lettuce. Baby must be growing plenty of hair because a bottle of gaviscon has become a permeant feature in my handbag along with another huge bottle beside my bed that I’m working my way through nicely. I had a little bit of heartburn with little man but nothing compared to this pregnancy. Little man had a lot of hair when he was born so I’m slightly worried that I might give birth to a gorilla this time ūüôā

Pregnancy Update Week 36 - Bump 2 Photo
Pregnancy Update Week 36

Bump wise I’m still expanding, putting on about Continue reading “Pregnancy Update Week 36 -DIY Co-Sleeping with Ikea!”

Pregnancy Update Week 35 – Breastfeeding 101

Hi D Ho and welcome to my pregnancy update for week 35. This week baby is a about one and a half foot long (getting big) and weighs about 5 1/4 pounds – about the size of a honeydew melon. I can really feel just how big baby is now, its like having a sack of potatoes stuck to your tummy that you have to bend over whenever you need to try and reach for anything (like my toes ūüôā but luckily I can still see them! ).

Pregnancy Update Week 35 - Bump 1 and 2 Photos
Pregnancy Update Week 35 – Bump 1 and 2 Photos

Weight wise  I’m still doing well, 16 Lbs less on so far in this pregnancy than in my last pregnancy at 35 weeks. Its great seeing the pay off in the photos now.

This week was my first full week off work but Continue reading “Pregnancy Update Week 35 – Breastfeeding 101”

Pregnancy Update Week 34 – Finishing Up

Hi D Ho and welcome to my week 34 pregnancy update (overdue but I’m catching up on my updates now – promise ūüôā). At 34 weeks baby¬†baby¬†weighs about 4 3/4 pounds – about the size of a¬†cantaloupe melon and is almost 18 inches long. The¬†photos comparing my first and second pregnancy baby bumps are really starting to show the differences now. Would you believe I started this pregnancy slightly heavier than I did my¬†first?

Pregnancy Update Week 34
Pregnancy Update Week 34

Everything changed during¬†week 34. I’ve been complaining for some weeks now about my extreme tiredness (see updates from week 32 and week¬†33), on Thursday I went to Continue reading “Pregnancy Update Week 34 – Finishing Up”

Pregnancy Update Week 33 – Breech Baby?

Hi D Ho and welcome to my very late pregnancy update for week 33. I’m now 35 weeks pregnant but have been so exhausted¬†the last few weeks that I’m playing catch up on my updates so apologies for the late posts. So at 33 weeks baby is the size of a pineapple and weighs about 4Lbs.

I’ve kept up my regular exercise – currently bootcamp twice week and pregnancy pilates once a week in the hope of it keeping me fit and giving me back some energy. I’m starting to see the benefits of it now –¬†at 33 weeks with bump #1 I had put on 32 Lbs while at this stage with bump #2 Ive only put on 16 Lbs – exactly half my original weight gain at this point!

Pregnancy Update Week 33
Pregnancy Update Week 33

What do you think of the photos above? I think I look a lot healthier in the bump 2 photo.

Week 33 was a busy one, most importantly it was my Little Mans 2nd birthday. Continue reading “Pregnancy Update Week 33 – Breech Baby?”

Pregnancy Update Week 32 – Birthday Celebrations

Hi d Ho and welcome to my very late week 32 pregnancy update. This was a really busy week and SO TIRED¬†these days, ALL THE TIME, that¬†I just didn’t have the energy to write this post as scheduled so apologies for the very big delay!

Anyway at 32 weeks¬†baby weighs 3 3/4 Lbs and is about the size of a jicama (apparently this is a Mexican¬†turnip??? Never herd of it but can’t seem to find any Irish fruit or veg for this week ūüôā ). Baby even has fully developed finger and toe nails and is clearly growing loads of hair as my heartburn is ramping up! Heres my week 32 bump photos, the 2013 photo was taken before I went out for my work Christmas party, I think bump is pretty big consistently in both pictures but you can definitely see the difference in my face this time around!

Pregnancy Update Week 32
Pregnancy Update Week 32

So week 32 was my birthday week! My birthday falls on the 13th of Feb so we have the double celebrations of Continue reading “Pregnancy Update Week 32 – Birthday Celebrations”